Get ready for an evening filled with moshing, two-stepping and hardcore dancing because DAGGER THREAT, IN CLOVER and SWELL are hitting our stage.


2016. The German collective DAGGER THREAT emerged from the local Hamburg Hardcore and Metal scene created to destroy with a new wave of heavy sounds.
The band’s ruthless moshpits, opened by heavy downtempo parts, catchy sing-a-longs and headcracking industrial sounding samples, granted a signing to Europe’s Major Underground Label BDHW Records in 2019. (Nasty Malevolence Lionheart Ryker’s) Their debut LP Gestaltzerfall laid the groundwork in their sound and led to extensive touring and playing shows all over Europe ever since.
DT hit the next milestone with their sophomore record Weltschmerz in 2022, which was heavily influenced by being trapped in the pandemic. A sinister composition that focuses on the dark side of the world that is occurring to this very day.
Their latest EU and UK Tour in May 2023 turned out to be their most successful run so far also in combination with the latest EP release Unchained that continues their relentless style of NuMetal infused Hardcore. So far the band played over 150 live sets in 12 different countries and the future plans tell that they won’t slow down.
“DAGGER THREAT combine rough mosh riffs with sinister industrial synths, which are placed effectively to create an atmosphere that can be found in bands like Slipknot. The sound is simultaneously transparent and forceful, but the instruments sound authentic at
the same time.” – Sebastian Schilling ROCK HARD MAGAZINE



Discover Ghent’s metallic hardcore force In Clover. The quintet gradually solidified their presence in the Belgian scene and beyond. Expanding from their previous releases ‘Apex Predator’ and ‘Internal Refraction’, In Clover unveils a punishing blend of hardcore grit and metalcore. Their latest EP ‘Lowest Form’ takes you to the recesses of the human mind, offering a journey through revulsion and despair. ‘Lowest Form’ is out now through Warriors Records



SWELL is a well established hardcore band from the Netherlands, and one of the country’s most promising acts for the future. Hailing from Tilburg, the quartet released their debut EP “Mercy Never Wanted Me”, which was released via Blindsided Records in the summer of 2022, combining groovy riffs, hard hitting vocals and a semi melodic chorus that will probably hit different than you’re used to. SWELL have played extensively throughout Europe, with lots of shows in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The band is signed to Positive and Focused Records and has released their latest EP “Primal Rage” in October of 2023. If you are into contemporary groovy hardcore, keep an eye on them!

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